Northern Ireland Talent Development & Retention Forum

We set the Northern Ireland Talent Development & Retention Forum (#NITDF) up in 2017 to help us on our quest of shaping a better working world.  We wanted to provide a place to showcase organisations and people doing great things so that organisations or professionals wanting to learn from them and follow suit could do just that.


We run events quarterly focusing on themes which show us how we can improve business performance in Northern Ireland by improving business culture.  We’re prepared to tackle the taboo topics which aren’t being addressed.  We try to focus on the issues no-one is going to make you pay attention to, but if you choose to, you’ll be better off for it.


Each event features guest organisations or specialist consultants which has so far included Deloitte, Danske Bank, Firmus Energy, Catalyst Inc, Phoenix Natural Gas, Moy Park, Axiom Law, Legal Island, CRAICNI, BBC Audience Services, Inspire Professional Services and some of our own Vibrant Workplace Facilitators.

We’ve held 8 events so far themed:

NITDF1: ‘AI Automation & the Future of Work’

NITDF2: ‘Diversity Equality & Inclusion’

NITDF3: ‘Bringing Calm to the Chaos’

NITDF4: ‘Attracting Talent in the Millennial Era’

NITDF5: ‘IQ, CQ or EQ – What does it really take to build a high performing team?’

NITDF6: ‘Managers Behaving Badly’

NITDF7: ‘Nourishing the High Performer’

NITDF8: ‘The Four Day Week – Fad or Future of Work?’

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