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Vibrant Workplace Collective.

An exclusive community of employers of choice committed to a better working world.

Better for employers. Better for employees.

Do you want to be an employer of choice where the most in-demand jobseekers:

1. Want to take jobs?

2. Are engaged with their work?

3. Stick around!?

To join the Collective, you must complete our Vibrant Workplace Challenge.

During a 3-month cultural evaluation, facilitated by our web and mobile employee experience platform, we’ll assess your Employee Experience (EX), Employee Engagement (EE) and Employee Net Promoter (eNPS) levels so we can tell you exactly why people:

  • Take jobs with you (or don’t)
  • Engage and perform (or don’t)
  • Stay (or don’t!)

If you meet our benchmarks, we’ll verify you as an official Vibrant Workplace!

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You can build this into your employer branding to OFFICIALLY show jobseekers from your employees’ own mouths they:

1) Have a positive experience working for you (EX Indicator)

2) Are engaged with the work they do (EE Indicator)

3) Would recommend other jobseekers take a job with you (eNPS Indicator)

If you don’t meet the benchmarks don’t worry, it’s all part of the learning!

Plus we’ll offer to support you on a bespoke cultural transformation journey, informed by the insights we’ve gathered, that optimises employee experience to help boost business performance!

What You Get:

  • Real-Time Employee Insights
  • Employee Experience, Engagement & Net Promoter Indicators
  • Comprehensive 3-Month Culture Report with Recommendations
  • Verification for 12-months as a Vibrant Workplace if you meet the benchmarks
  • Suite of graphics to support your employer branding initiatives
  • Press release announcing you as a Verified Vibrant Workplace
  • Invitation to speak at the Vibrant Workplace Forum
  • Invite onto the Vibrant Workplace Podcast (In Spotify’s Top 10% Most Shared Globally!)
  • Regular reference through Vibrant’s own marketing channels

Isn’t this better than ignoring issues which are likely hurting your ability to attract, engage and retain talented people for better business performance?

Well, then book a call and let’s chat!

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Do people outside your organisation know?

Do you want to be?

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