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Become a VERIFIED VIBRANT WORKPLACE & stand out as an employer of choice by meeting our benchmark which authentically demonstrates what your organisation really has to offer jobseekers.

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We have a scorecard designed to give you an instant indication of how vibrant your workplace currently is.

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Why Take the Vibrant Workplace Challenge?

Companies used to contact us in possession of generic reports scratching their heads about talent attraction, performance and retention problems…

…while telling us they’re certified as positive places to work or for investing in their people strategy. Not knowing what to do about those is why they’d contacted us.

They had all this data from a one-off survey or a report from some cherry-picked employee interviews and no idea what to do with it. They were still sat with the same people problems and cultural challenges… but they had a nice shiny badge even if their employees resented it for lack of authenticity!

Some of the organisations who held those badges would blow our minds; you can’t con the job market. People talk and jobseekers know when an organisation has a bad reputation. Awards won by professionally written applications may make us feel good for a few days, but what do they actually change? And a one-off survey or interview says very little about what it’s like to work in your company.

These methods DO NOT paint the picture of the experience your employees have working in your company and WILL NOT tell you why people take jobs, perform and stay (or don’t!).

We created the Vibrant Workplace Challenge to offer something much more authentic, comprehensive and meaningful. To rightly showcase the organisations who truly are great employers, help jobseekers find them and help organisations who aren’t there yet get there!

Traditional Employer Certifications
One off cherry-picked interviews…
…Or perhaps a survey with questions that don’t determine engagement
Generic report (shockingly vague)
Inauthentic award that rubs your people up the wrong way
The Vibrant Workplace Challenge
3-months of daily mood insights from your entire workforce facilitated by our web and mobile app accessible employee experience platform mooqi!
Evidenced employee engagement questions pulsed weekly (or optionally all together) alongside your employee net promoter score
Bespoke REAL-TIME reporting levels
Detailed report identifying key cultural health indicators (EX, EE and eNPS) alongside our recommendations
Verified Vibrant Workplace award for the employers *factually* people (1) have a positive experience working for (2) are engaged working in (3) would recommend to other jobseekers
Vibrant Workplace Challenger certification for the rest for demonstrating commitment to their people & culture
Our offer of help to address any issues, help you transform your culture & reach that Vibrant Workplace standard while optimising talent attraction, retention & performance!

If you don’t meet the benchmark don’t worry, it’s all part of the learning!

You’ll be awarded a Vibrant Workplace Challenger badge for showing your ambitions.

AND – we’ll offer our support to partner with you on a bespoke cultural transformation programme, informed by the insights we’ve gathered, that optimises employee experience to help boost business performance!