We’re Vibrant and we believe in a better working world.

Better for employers.

Better for employees.

We help organisations become Vibrant Workplaces where people:

Want to take jobs

Make a positive impact through their work

Feel like their efforts are worthwhile!

It’s Quick!  It’s Free!  Instant Results!

The average full time employee will spend 1/3 of their lives, for 50 years, at work

Add in the commute… and 1/3 for sleep…

There’s not much left for living!

People deserve to have a positive experience of work. But also:

happy people are better for business anyway!




Fewer safety


revenue growth

The stats referenced on this site are for illustrative purposes to show what studies have shown can be the impact of high and low levels of employee engagement

happy people lead to better…

  • Talent Attraction
  • Performance
  • Retention
  • Attendance
  • Client Satisfaction

here’s how we help our clients:

“We want to engage our employees for better business performance”

“We want to understand and communicate better with our employees”

“We want help growing and developing the leadership in our organisation”

Is your organisation a vibrant workplace?

Take our free online test & find out instantly if you might be!

“Any company prepared to listen, learn and actively engage with Vibrant Talent will be taking a step closer to achieving their own ambitions by demonstrating commitment to their staff, their culture, and ultimately, their customers.”

Niall Martindale, CEO – firmus energy

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