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The Vibrant Workplace Podcast, hosted by our founder Craig Thompson, is the show where we explore how to build a better working world with leading employers and industry thought leaders.

We don’t pull punches; we ask the questions that need to be asked.

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The Podcast for Vibrant Workplaces


As we announce the latest Verified Vibrant Workplaces, we will have exclusive episodes featuring those companies so that people can tune in and learn what life is like there for employees.

We’ll dig into the stats and share insights from the Vibrant Workplace Accelerator to lift the lid on what these companies have to offer.

And the discussion will be backed by evidence.

A Note About Our Guests

We got tired of seeing speakers at conferences, on podcasts or people writing books off the back of their work in companies with well-known toxic cultures.

They get the gigs because they work(ed) in large companies, no matter what the company is like as an employer…

We want to interview guests from companies and people we have the evidence to know we should be listening to and learning from.

Not because they’re big, but because they’re contributing to a better world.

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