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mooqi is our new, web & mobile accessible, employee engagement platform. It provides employees with a safe way to share their thoughts and feelings about work while helping employers learn from the insights to shape a better performing business through better business culture.


At its core mooqi sends out a daily pulse to see how your employees’ day has been.  It enables them to have a therapeutic release so they can go home, having got things off their chest, and enjoy their time outside work knowing they matter.

Through our employer portal managers can access and track daily insights into what’s affecting the mood of the company and each team or department.  It helps them to understand what their employees want and need to come to work healthy, happy and wanting to make a positive impact.

Mooqi serves as an ally for both employer and employee to facilitate a better working world for both. We’ll support you with:

Monthly coaching calls, included as standard, to help you understand what’s affecting your teams and what you can do about it.

Instantly accessible digital learning content so your managers can access bitesize videos packed with hints, tips and techniques targeted towards the problems they’re experiencing. This resource enables them to learn, develop and solve problems as they use the tool without disrupting their day.

As an optional extra we’ll be delighted to help you with as much consultancy, group training or coaching as you want/ need to transform and/ or maintain the culture of your business.

It’s our goal to change the way the world ‘works’ for the benefit of both employers and employees.  Want to hear more about it?

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