mooqi is our new mobile app and web accessible employee experience platform. It provides employees with a safe way to share their thoughts and feelings about work while helping employers learn from the insights to shape a better performing business through better business culture.

Each day mooqi asks how your day has been so people can have a therapeutic release and a voice in their company which they know matters.

Managers can access charts and reports displaying anonymous insights into what’s affecting their teams along with bitesize video learning content to help them overcome challenges and engage their teams.

Mooqi serves as an ally for both employees and employers and we support you via:

Monthly analysis and discussion of what’s affecting your business, included as standard, to help you understand what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Instantly accessible bitesize learning videos packed with hints, tips and techniques to help you learn more about the areas you may be experiencing problems.

Optionally, we specialise in cultural transformation and leadership development and can offer truly bespoke solutions designed based on what we know about your business.

use mooqi to help you become a vibrant workplace