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Origin Story

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got

The employee engagement market is set to be a 4 Billion Dollar industry within a decade

Yet despite all the time / money invested in employee engagement tools, initiatives & leadership development – the UK ranked 33rd out of 38 European countries in 2022…

…with engagement levels of just 9%…

(Stats: Gallup)

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

A lot more companies care about culture & engagement initiatives today

They’re trying hard to create great workplaces, but current strategies aren’t paying off

There is a disconnect between engagement interventions & business impact

“We do our survey every year and when we repeat it the next year nothing’s changed”

The Vibrant Workplace Accelerator has been meticulously crafted in response to serve as a system for transforming workplaces into thriving ecosystems.


Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Data-Driven: Leveraging real-time analytics, the accelerator delves deep into each organisation’s DNA to truly understand how employees experience life in the company.
  • Strategic Alignment: With a strategic focus it aligns organisational culture with business objectives, bridging the gap between vision and execution.
  • Cascaded Accountability: Fostering collaboration while enhancing communication, teams unite on a mission to make their company the best place to work it can be.

This not another engagement initiative that’s ‘imposed’ on employees, they drive the change they want to see.

Cultural Enhancement + Employer Recognition

Jobseekers don’t trust employer recognition schemes anymore.

Every company is shortlisted for employer awards so they’ll buy event tickets

Judging panels have never worked in the companies they judge

100% pass rates on certification schemes don’t set a standard

Better Business Performance Through Better Business Culture

Employee engagement has been shown it can impact:

Talent Attraction / Attendance / Performance / Retention / Customer Experience







(Sources: Gallup & Corporate Leadership Council)

mooqi® provides the evidence so we know who the world’s best employers really are.


We’ll verify them as Vibrant Workplaces so that:

  • Employers who deserve can finally stand out in the employer market
  • Jobseekers can have confidence in where they’re taking a job

There is no failure, only feedback

You win or you learn.

You win by evidencing you are a leading employer over a meaningful period of time backed by data from mooqi. This is the most robust evidence of leading employers on the market.

But there is no losing.

If you don’t meet the benchmarks, you have a rich picture of exactly what’s driving engagement and performance levels in your company and can choose if you want to do something about it – optionally with our help.

So What are you waiting for?

“We believe our company is a great place to work, but having pay-to-win employee awards doesn’t prove much of anything anymore. We thought we would stand out from the crowd and take on the Vibrant Workplace Accelerator to really show that our company is a great place to work. We know we will learn a lot more about our business along the way and we are excited for the challenge!”

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to become great